A Slate Roof can last a century, giving excellent long-term value, in contrast to other types of manufactured roofing which must be re-roofed four or five times within this same period.

The Slate and Tile Roofing Company Provides

  • New Slate Roofs
  • Slate Roof Repair
  • Slate replacement
  • Chimney flashing
  • Valley replacement
  • Box gutter replacement
  • Yankee gutters
  • Skylight replacement
  • Ventilation
  • Wall flashing
  • Pan replacement
  • Whether you are looking for a Slate Roof Repair, addition, or a New Slate Roof.
    The Slate and Tile Roofing Company can meet all of your needs,
    With new Vermont slate from companies like Evergreen Slate and Reclaimed Roofs for matching existing roofs with salvaged material.

    The Slate and Tile Roofing Company does a complete line of Slate Roof Repairs in Columbus Ohio and outside of Columbus. We never use slate hooks or clips in our repairs, Providing you with an Undetectable Slate Roof Repair.